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Sofas and Beds

This is our staple. We make very comfortable, durable products for your lounge and bedroom. Look no further in Zimbabwe for guaranteed workmanship at an unbeatable price.

TV stand

Wood Products

We offer a plethora of expertly painted  wooden products made in medium density fibreboard (MDF) or SupaWood, available in different colours and designs.



True uncompetewithable comfort has a name. That name is Recliner. Even if you can only afford a 1 seater for yourself to start - do it. You deserve this level of comfort.


What we offer.

We have a wide variety of sofas, tables, headboards and other products in stock at any given time. You can come though and select from what we have available, or you can place a custom order if you for example see what you like, but you want it in a different colour. We also build to specific measurements for those who need the sofa or table to fit into predefined parameters.

Custom orders take between 7 and 14 days to complete.

Unleash your creativity.

You are welcome to buy one piece at a time. You do not have to buy the entire set at once, so you can purchase the sofas affordably. Many of our clients buy one or two sofas today then another in a month and finish the set when they can afford it. No pressure.

We are also constantly changing the types of sofas and designs we have to give you as many options as possible.


Theres so much more...

This is such a large part of our company that we had to create a separate website dedicated to updated information, pictures and prices of what we are offering in this department. Delve deeper into our world of furniture... (Link will open in a new window)