Geodesics / Glamping Domes

The Solid Composite Dome

This is our most recent creation with a durable fibreglass infused cover for secure, watertight and long term use. No foundation needed. It is currently available to view and is for sale. It presents an accommodation or office solution. It is 8 metres in diameter linked to a second dome of 5m in diameter. We have put an optional upstairs section inside. This can be customized or excluded.

Geodesics / Commercial Domes

The Showroom

This dome is made using steel and is made for irrefutable durability. No foundation needed as usual. It is currently in use as a furniture showroom and presents an accommodation and storage solution. It is 14 metres in diameter with a ceiling height of 7 metres so it has enough space for every floor plan you can think of from office partitioning, seminar spaces and outright grand accommodation with a 2nd floor inside..

Geodesics / Event Domes

The United Nations

This was a lovely custom dome we built for use during a United Nations event in Harare Gardens outside the Monomotapa Crowne Plaza.

Geodesics / Event Domes

Harare International Festival of the Arts

This was one fashion show setup with a stage and a backstage area. The dome is a 15m diameter dome, and this one was under a white PVC cover. It could seat over 150 people watching the show.

Cubes / Composite

MotoRepublik Custom 8m x 11m Cube

This cube was built out of pine and fibre cement with a steel frame while sitting on a saligna hardwood floor. It has melamine walls, a PVC ceiling, downlighters and an aircon unit.

Geodesics / Event Domes

Shoko Festival

This wildly popular arts event took place outside the National Museum of Zimbabwe. The dome was used for musical performances, poetry, comedy shows and more.

Geodesics / Event Domes

2014 HIFA Fashion Dome

This was a brilliant fashion show held in Harare Gardens during the 2014 HIFA Festival. Everything about this event was perfect!

Geodesics / Commercial Domes

Garden Pavillion

This one started out as a standard dome then we extended it outwards (optional) until it looked like a hat. =) It is covered in grey chromadek sheeting and is 30 meters in diameter. That's a lot of space, and its got a roof that will probably outlast you.

This is the future of gazebos.

Geodesics / Commercial Domes

Trios Market at Amara's Health Spa

For this event we used 3 domes; a 15m diameter dome and 2 x 10m diameter domes. They were covered in shade material with canvas on top of them.

Cubes / Wooden Cubes

Wooden Cube in Belgravia

For this cube, the idea was to make something that fit into its surroundings quite seamlessly. It was built in pine with a fabric ceiling and walls made from fabric and reclaimed melamine from an old shop fitting we once did.

Geodesics / Event Domes

Domes by the Zambezi River

For this event in Victoria Falls, we used 3 domes; a 15m diameter dome a 10m diameter dome and a 6m diameter dome. They were covered in shade material.

Cubes / Composite

Avondale Cube

This was one of our favorite cubes. It was built with a steel frame, chromadek and marine plywood with a cherry melamine interior. The aluminium frames were walnut coloured.

Geodesics / Event Domes

Zimbabwe International Film Festival

These domes were built for the Film festival. They were used for seminars and screenings as well as a bar at the end of those sessions. We also built all the furniture inside the domes.

Geodesics / Garden Domes


This dome was to beautify a yard in a lovely neighborhood. We also made the white benches inside the dome.

We have so many more examples but this should give you a general idea of what we do.