There are some questions that we get asked repeatedly and so this section is dedicated to those questions.

Are your products second hand?

All our products are brand new. We do not sell second hand products.

Do you ship oversees?

Unfortunately not at the moment. You would have to send someone to collect the product. With regards to domes however, we can go within the SADC region. Kindly email us if you require such a service just to confirm.

Do I need approval to put up a dome or cube?

Our temporary structures have no foundation so you can set them up without breaking any laws or upsetting the landlord by digging up the yard. It is classed as a temporary structure in the same class as gazebos and car ports.

Can you custom make something to my specifications?

Yes we can. From sofas to domes to cubes, we make it the way you want it.

What is your guarantee period?

Most of our products have a 2 year guarantee period.

Why do you no longer take laybyes?

Unfortunately until the financial situation stabilizes we have halted laybyes as the future value of money and continued availability of raw materials is currently uncertain past a certain point in time.

Can you insulate the structures?

Yes we can. The temperature inside is well regulated and insulation and air conditioning units can be added to make the atmosphere great inside.