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Event Domes

Want your upcoming event to be wildly successful, generate an unforgettable impression and result in valuable buzz? Create an absolutely unforgettable setting - one that excites, attracts and amazes people.


Commercial Domes

Whether you are seeking an alternative gazebo, a tourism or accommodation solution, a dynamic personal studio for writing, art, or performance, try something that only a custom designed geodesic dome can offer.

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Attract Tourism.

Here’s an idea: Create a remarkable, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind eco destination with unique guest accommodations.  Whether as general facilities or portable shelter, give your visitors an upgraded option for environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient private lodging in their own geodesic dome.

Domes are an asset to your resort business. Besides elevating you above the competition, your return on investment is quick. Costs associated with purchasing and installing our geodesic domes are typically recouped in as little as one season. Our dome structures last for decades, ensuring your return-on-investment for years to come. Now you can expand or upgrade your resort for a fraction of the money and time required by traditional construction.

Domes can be constructed in almost any location, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. No heavy machinery is needed for the construction of domes up to 15 meters in diameter. Your dome can be erected seasonally or kept up year-round.  Due to its compact nature when collapsed, it will require limited space to store when not in use.

Minimize your environmental footprint in a fun, easy way that everyone will love. We use local materials and build using sustainable manufacturing. After a long, useful life, our frames and skins are recyclable. Further boosts to energy-efficiency include optimal air circulation within the dome as well as deflecting the weather outside. In severe weather, a dome's robust structure withstands the most extreme circumstances.

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This is the solution you were looking for.

Some domes can be assembled in as little as one day. Enjoy them as yoga studios, massage spas, or hot tub covers. Create an on-site nature and educational space such as a mini planetarium or movie house. The design creates the perfect atmosphere for a poolside gazebo, lake and river viewing, or stargazing--enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Interior design can be made simple and intimate, or elegant and chic with minimal cost. Concept Lounging will make your custom dome fit your landscape, with strategically placed windows, skylights, and doors to feature epic views. Create an extraordinary experience that will ensure your guests return again and again.

You want some more?

If you need some inspiration, check out our portfolio for pictures of some work we have done for other clients.